When you understand your connection with all, you begin to understand exactly how powerful you really are.

You Are Powerful

I wonder if we all really know just how powerful we really are? The same energy that makes up the heavens, the universe, and every living thing is also the same energy that is part of our soul. As souls – we are all connected.

I’ve noticed. Lately, there are three popular words I’m seeing everywhere, namely: Intuition, Empathic, and Soul. These are hot topics, and I feel more and more people are seeking wisdom inwards instead of finding the answers in the outside material world. Let me ask you this simple, yet powerful question: “Do you understand the workings of your own soul?”

I’d like to show you how to use and trust your soul’s sense of intuition and appreciate that the power and energy of love are vital to your soul’s wellbeing.

A great way to start living as a ‘soul’ is by acknowledging and repeating: “I am a soul.” When you say these words, your soul resonates with what you’re expressing, and your consciousness expands even more. It’s a constant process of reminding yourself that you are more than this physical being. This will bring you back to your soul’s awareness. You will feel the effect as you make that connection.



It’s important to remember, that regardless of the image we project outwardly, it’s our inner-self that generates the responses, inspires such tender emotions, and forges lifelong connections. I find it helpful when I have a tough decision or when I feel confused about what direction I’m supposed to take, to pause and ask: “What does my soul want me to do? What does my soul need at this time?”

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you always have the freedom of choice to begin living a spiritual life, to start living from the soul. You may be saying: “But I really wasn’t nice to people,” or “I’ve lived such a bad life.” Whether you’ve lived a life of a tyrant or an angel, you’re still and always will be a soul. When we focus on what lies within, rather than what’s on the outside, then we become more aware of the forces that draw us together—the power of the soul.

As a soul, please remember that you have a piece of God, the Divine Source inside you always. It’s a package deal. As you’re human, you have a soul, and as a soul, you have all the power that goes with it. It doesn’t discriminate, exclude, or condemn. No matter how much you may ignore it —or at times abandon it—your soul will never leave you.

All it asks is that you turn to it, be open and receptive to its divine wisdom, as it only wants what’s best for you and your highest good.

Live a Soul-filled life!


























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