Are your emotions on a rollercoaster because of the other people in your energy field? Humans beings can and do absorb other people’s energy. This ability explains why there are people who feel uncomfortable when they are along with a particular group of folks.

This conclusion came from a research study carried out by the University of Bielefeld. In it, it has been shown that humans are continually influenced by the energies of the environment in which they are inserted.

Just like the flowers need water and light to develop and bloom, human beings are no different. Our physical bodies are like sponges, absorbing part of what gravitates into the environment. We all have a person with whom we live who is capable of sucking all our energy and leaving us exhausted. The opposite is also true: there is always that person whose presence inspires, motivates and nurtures us.

It is sad that Human being can also absorb the energy emanated by animals in general. That’s the reason why being in touch with nature is a stimulating and energizing experience for so many people. On the other hand,  Zootherapies or assisted therapy with animals also has a mission to consciously harness the animals’ energies to improve the conditions of the human patients.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” ~Benjamin Franklin

The relationship between the state of mind and the energy level

Energy may be defined as the ability of a body to perform work. All bodies can accumulate it and produce changes about themselves and/or other elements. In fact, when we do any activity, what we are doing is basically a transfer of energy. Energy is never wasted it is only transformed.

All living things need different kinds of energies to develop our activities, and we get them through food. We can also get them from nature, more precisely in the wind, water, heat, light, etc. Without a doubt, energy is essential for our lives, the absence of it hinders many of our days to day activities, such as moving, caring, working or playing sports.

The energy of our body influences and modifies our state of mind. According to some psychologists, such as Robert Thayer, mood reflects the association between energy and emotions. It fluctuates between an energetic state (from more tired to more active) and a state that refers to the degree of nervousness (between the calmer and the tenser), and the “best” is considered to be a quiet and energetic state, and the worst, an anxious and tired state.

The man usually becomes what he believes he is. 



How to increase positive energy?

When the state of our personal energy is low, everything becomes more complicated, and the difficulties are exponentially multiplied. It is necessary to ask ourselves what actions, events or people bring us a positive, Upbeat and energetic state. Activities and people who offer us good energy help us to be more proactive with our lives.

To increase our energy status, in addition to surrounding ourselves with positive people, we have to develop a program to work internally with ourselves. Following  we collected 4 tips that can help us achieve an excellent energy state:

1. Keep the focus on our goals, so that the energy does not disperse.

2. Cultivate a mind-state of non-resistance, what we resist turns out to be a problem.

3. To be aware of our limits without judging yourselves for it.

4. Try to Focus your energy on those goals in which you have greater control.

On the other hand, we have to look for activities that help us stay motivated. For some, it is enough to practice exercises, walk in the field, share tasks or change habits. We have to find what recharges our batteries and try to include it in our day today. Likewise, it is also beneficial to keep people with a similar approach close by, so that they too can take advantage of the energy you emanate.

Choosing our daily environment, friends, activities and, above all, our life partners influences our state of mind. Surrounding affable people with positive energy provides us with significant help in meeting the challenges, both the transcendental and, of course, the more mundane ones as well.





































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