Awakening is a journey that can be advanced through simple ordinary tasks. We are advanced entities already and can realize our higher natures while performing the simple ordinary tasks our daily routines require. We need not spend time meditating for long hours, we can accomplish the same result at work, at home, anywhere, when we learn to discipline ourselves. Results, although perhaps many years ahead, will come.

We do not need to set apart meditation time to make an effort towards awakening in the present moment. We in the modern world are advanced souls, and we need only reawaken our hidden higher natures. Ancient Buddhist and other methods of meditation can be helpful, yet those of us having an elementary inherent understanding of our nature and purpose can forge ahead, using logical methods for the task.

Known as “the no method, method” by Buddhists, a discipline Mahayana Buddhists call “silent illumination” is a perfectly natural way of exploring the nature of reality in everyday life. We essentially use no method, we just go about in our daily routines focusing the mind on the whole of what is before us via all of the five physical senses that we see, hear and feel at any given moment: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste.

We do not judge, we perceive without discrimination. Objects are not as the world defines, they are as the mind perceives, all notions of the labels placed on them dropped.  A rose is not a rose, nor is it red. It is beyond description, something of which has qualities: shape, color, smell, all these things, yet not red or pink or white. The rose is not a rose at all, it merely exists in the form we perceive it and is beyond color. We experience what we call color, but we do not consider it as “color.”  Rose, grass, sky, all, are things we perceive, none has an identity, all are attributes mind experiences.



Learning to Awaken Using Everyday Life

We can begin with this way of perception when we are alone without having any needed task to accomplish, and we make such focus when we are walking. We need not be in a park on a trail, we can do it while walking to the coffee room at work. We can keep our focus while pouring our coffee and tea, and again walk back to our desk or work area. Depending on our occupation, we can continue such focus if our job does not require concentration on a particular mental task.  When it does, our method becomes problematic.  We cannot focus on particular elements like math or lists or designing and keep our focus on the present surrounding us, not at first. It is difficult.

We can, however, return to our focus on present moment awareness at our next break, or moment of rest. This is enough. Our inability to focus right on our physical tasks demonstrates that we have work to do, yet we have all the time the world gives us for practice.

Through Diligent Effort, Progress Will Come

My own effort began in about the year 1975 and continues to this day. I’m making progress with every week, every month, becoming more awake and aware, gaining three-dimensional spatial energy, the energy God gives freely to those who love him, and I do see I am progressing, as my dream state becomes more alive and informative. This is all we can ask for. One step and then the next: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” –Lao Tzu.

by Arthur Telling






































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