We often hear about detoxing our physical bodies. It is usually a 2 – 7-day process that we undertake to help the body to rid itself of toxins and impurities that tend to slow our natural cleansing processes down. But, how often do we think about emotional detoxing?  Our emotions are a fine-tuned, well-balanced set of processes, which are not only chemically induced, but mentally charged.

To fully appreciate this, one must learn to view the body as a vast energy field with positive and negative poles.

*Remember: “Energy follows thought.” The imagery of visualization is very powerful! As your client breathes, you may tell them to be inhaling and exhaling through the energy points. This will charge the aura, Chakra and energy centers and surrounding organs with vital energy.


Here is a list of energetic techniques to help in our emotional detoxing:

Emotional Detoxing Technique #1 – While meditating, you may choose to have them visualize the corresponding color of each energy point saturating and balancing each part of their body.


Emotional Detoxing Technique #2 – You may utilize the vibrational power of sound or music during your session. The body will enhance a positive, reconnecting flow of energy, which will allow your or your client to bring up, recognize and clear emotional blocks.


Emotional Detoxing Technique #3 – Remember the power of scent can be used to enhance the experience. Use essential oil on the pulse points or diffuse it into the air. Burn soothing incense or one of the many sacred herbs such as sage, cedar, or lavender.


Emotional Detoxing Technique #4 – Use Reiki energy, qigong or breath work to increase your healing session and helping yourself or the client to prepare themselves to step back into the real world with less tension, stress, and apprehension.


Emotional Detoxing Technique #5 – Give a compelling prayer or affirmation, one that will empower your patient to move forward.


Emotional Detoxing Technique #6 – Acupuncture has shown to be very helpful for dealing with symptoms that pop up, as well as boosting the immune system, improving circulation, stimulating brain function by accessing the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and increasing energy, coordination and muscle function.


Using Crystals as energy generators and support for emotional detoxing

Rhodonite and Watermelon Tourmaline, both stones are believed to work on the muscular-skeletal system and therefore are beneficial for stress-related issues that affect the muscles and bones.


Quartz is the master healer and next to Calcite, are two of the stones most closely related to our own body composition. The clearer the quartz, the better and calcite should be chosen for the color associated with the part of the body that is having the most difficult.


Eilat healing stones are a unique mixture of Chrysocolla, Malachite, Turquoise, Silver and Native Copper. This gem can create, store and conduct energy. It also can maintain this activity for many, many years. Eliat Stone also has an uncanny ability to absorb many types of pain.


Stones with magnetic properties have been found to help improve circulation by moving blood (and Qi) and can be very helpful with pain syndromes in general:

Hematite is one of the most mystical of all gemstones. This stone is cold to the touch even in the heat of summer and worn as a bracelet to cool the blood. Magnet Therapy can increase blood flow and circulation and that it can help speed up the healing process and alleviate pain. The Human body contains a magnetic charge that is essential for it to function. Magnetic Hematite is also very good for magnetic therapy. Try a neck massage with a pair and feel what magnets can do for you. They can even be directly bandaged onto an affected area or onto acupressure points.












































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