Are you happy with where you are?  If not, follow these steps to transform your life!

You are what you think. Most people don’t realize how powerful thoughts are and how each thought has its own unique energy signature. You’re a magnetic energy being – so that when you have a thought – it’s immediately lodged in your magnetic field, which is more known as your aura.

When you understand your connection with all, you begin to understand exactly how powerful you really are.

You Are Powerful

I wonder if we all really know just how powerful we really are? The same energy that makes up the heavens, the universe, and every living thing is also the same energy that is part of our soul. As souls – we are all connected.

Words are responsible for everything we hold to be true; We believe the things we believe because someone spoke them to us. But in our day to day lives, we rarely recognize the magnitude of our speech. We tell ourselves both good and bad things every day, often without paying attention to what we’re speaking into existence.

Are your emotions on a rollercoaster because of the other people in your energy field? Humans beings can and do absorb other people’s energy. This ability explains why there are people who feel uncomfortable when they are along with a particular group of folks.

How’s your 2018 going so far? Still undecided what you want to happen or bring into your life this year? If you want to manifest something in your life, it’s important to start out by having a clear mental picture of what you want, as well as the desire to bring it into your life. Remember: “The soul never thinks without a mental picture.”