Career is the most important aspect in every individual’s life. A stable career and a good inflow of finances are very essential to secure a trouble free life. 2018 is an eventful year with regard to career for all zodiac signs.

There are some significant astrological events taking place during this year that will bring in a lot of changes both positive and negative in the career of people born in all the zodiac signs. Here are the detailed career predictions 2018 for all zodiac signs based on date of birth.


2018 is going to be decisive in your career front in terms of choosing the right direction for your career path. Some might land on an altogether new opportunity during the early part of this year. This will create you new opportunities and let you surge forward enthusiastically. This development will work to your benefit. This year, Mars is going to benefit you with good opportunities to prove your talents. Therefore, this year is the right time to work for the betterment of your career. Never enter into conflicts with your seniors.


During this year, Saturn is going to help you to achieve progress and growth in the career front. Though some promotions and better placements will come in your way, you will have to struggle hard to get them work for you. Ultimately, your hard work will yield the fruits proportionately. Since Saturn is taking charge of your changes, stay prepared to handle all types of challenges and hurdles. From the middle of May, be prepared to move to a busy life.


Two powerful planets having completely different orientations are going to aspect your tenth house. Since Jupiter is the ruler of the tenth house, looking from the perspective of the positions of planets in 2018, Jupiter appears very strongly placed. This will bring some great opportunities in your career. However, you must keep a close watch and make the best use of them to advance your career growth. You will have an understanding boss at work. Starting from May, you will find new responsibilities given to you. Handle them with diligence to see your reputation surge.


Professionals will find this year a tough period. Even in day to day life, you will find a lot of hurdles making it difficult for you to meet the deadlines in everything. Ensure a cordial relationship at the work place so that your colleagues extend you a good cooperation to complete the tasks in hand efficiently in time. In 2018, you will find the opportunities slip out of your hand even when you deserve them. Never get disappointed and keep the spirits high to move forward.


In 2018, both jobholders and self-employed will find enough opportunities to grow. The planets are going to benefit both job hunters as well as those looking for a change in their career. However, you will face a lot of disturbances which will challenge your performance. You will feel rather very uncomfortable at the work place. To meet deadlines, you might need to work for extra hours. take this in the right spirit and work for your progress. Do not go for any change during the retrogression of Mars in 2018.


If you are career oriented, you must be prepared to show an increased performance and focus more on the tasks at hand. Though you might be looking for a change, the positions of planets do not support any change around this time. Therefore do not contemplate on any new ventures or moving to a new job this year. Just stick on to your regular work and manage this year. From the middle of April you will find some progressive aspects working in your life to bring in some positive changes and you will have a better environment to express your talents. Be patient to handle the situations carefully.


Both job holders as well as self-employed will have to work hard during this year. You might find some crucially important tasks to handle. Be prepared to accept and work with new challenges in 2018. You might come under a stressful period during the transit of Mars in the middle of March. Never go for multitasking and handle only as much as you can. In your drive to meet the deadlines, be careful to avoid any mistakes due to being hurry.


If you are ambitious and career oriented, you are going to land on better jobs that will pay you well. However, such opportunities will also come with some tough challenges which you mist need to solve diligently. Never hesitate to accept any challenges that come in your way. From the middle of May, you will find life getting very busy as Mars is going to view your sixth house. While your boss piles up works on you, keep a low profile and do not give in to pressure. Be very careful not to enter into arguments with your boss.


Both professionals and business people will find this year highly rewarding. You will find happy times at the work place. You will be given new responsibilities to handle. Handle them with care and diligence and prove your talents so that they will contribute to your career growth. Promotions are most likely this year and you will find your spirits soaring high due to some exciting opportunities coming in your way. In between the retrogression of Jupiter will bring some challenges too.


You are bound to have a very busy time at the work place. You might need to work for long hours to meet the deadlines. However, several progressive elements are going to work in your favor during the entire year. Starting from September, professionals can find a good time ahead. Yu will be given some complex tasks to handle. You can sharpen your skills and make use of your abilities to handle the tasks successfully. You will be tested at the work place to prove your skills. However, in the long run you can make your bosses happy.


You will find a comfortable atmosphere during this year at the work place. Better positions will come in your way and grab them for your own good. Better assignments or better jobs might be waiting for you. June is the right time to move with higher paying jobs. Around this time, you will find your efforts bearing good results. In August you will find a great opportunity coming in your way. You will be able to prove yourself during this time and secure better positions.


In 2018, you will find secure in your present position. However, till the middle of March, things might not work well for you. From the middle of March, life will turn very busy and you might be given some important tasks. They will however help in sharpening your skills. Though new opportunities will come to you, you will find them highly demanding. There are chances that you will be stressed due to the developments. However, strive to maintain the balance.






































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