Except Vladimir Putin's wedding, Vera predicts progress of Russian Federation, but also floods and epidemics throughout the world. Syrian war will end. Japan will be under water and Europe will still shake terrorist attacks and large problems with refugees. Kazakhstan Vanga, Vera Lion predicts global events, helping people to solve their problems. On internet she has hundreds of followers all over the world. Vera publishes her visions on her YouTube channel and warns people about dangers.

What is especially warning about her words is that the water level in global oceans rise, melting ice on poles will influence our climate throughout world. Vera says that will be many heavy rains which will cause severe floods, with many diseases and viruses.

Rise of Russia

Vera Lion predicts growth of GDP in Russia, bigger social payments for poor population. President Vladimir Putin is in love with blonde woman who is very strange and younger and they will start their life together. Crimea stays as part of Russia and recognized by many countries all over the world.  Altai region will hit a strong earthquake.

Floods in Asia

Kazakhstan Vanga said she worries about her visions for Japan, Philippines and countries of that region which she saw under water, it means they will face natural disasters in sort of heavy rains, storms or even tsunami that will cause floods and suffering. Philippines will enter in legal dispute with America. It is possible destabilization of that country.

Hard times for Italy

Vera points out that Italy face hard times. Above the earth she saw black crows. She announces devastating earthquakes, mass destruction of people and collective depression in the eponymous state. She saw cracks on Vatican buildings which may mean that the tectonic plates beneath the Vatican are very active, and on the other side, the crack suggest break up of Catholic Church. Vera says she saw people who were crying and praying with hands toward the sky, but the sky was completely black. 2017 will be the most difficult in the history for Italy.


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