As per Nostradamus predictions, 2019 will bring mixed prospects for all countries. 2019 will be a year of justice and natural disasters. Here are the top highlights of Nostradamus prediction for 2019.

Career is the most important aspect in every individual’s life. A stable career and a good inflow of finances are very essential to secure a trouble free life. 2018 is an eventful year with regard to career for all zodiac signs.

Except Vladimir Putin's wedding, Vera predicts progress of Russian Federation, but also floods and epidemics throughout the world. Syrian war will end. Japan will be under water and Europe will still shake terrorist attacks and large problems with refugees. Kazakhstan Vanga, Vera Lion predicts global events, helping people to solve their problems. On internet she has hundreds of followers all over the world. Vera publishes her visions on her YouTube channel and warns people about dangers.

The end of the world is close at hand. I know it has to be true. I saw it on TV! There are also websites all over the internet dedicated to providing us with specific information of our inevitable demise. Will it be today, tomorrow, next week or next year. Well that depend on who you talk to, where they derived their information and how they calculated the precise date and time we will all be goners.

Here’s a rare 1958 interview where Aldous Huxley, the brilliant intellectual and author of Brave New World, talks about the future of the US. Alarmingly, his predictions are becoming modern-day realities.

Watching geo-political events unfold today is like watching a slow motion train wreck, especially if you’re informed by history and understand the connection between ‘World Wars‘ and the unseen influences behind international politics and global banking. Edgar Cayce is one of the world’s most revered psychics, the ‘Sleeping Prophet,’ as they called him, and many consider him to be the father of holistic medicine.