Many of us received nicknames while growing up, many are terms of endearment from our loved ones, or some came to be as a word that brings a memory of a time or a significant event in our lives.

Can the Energy of Your Nickname influence your Destiny?

Often the nickname we use creates problems that we may ignore. For example, the vibration of 5 is a difficult vibration for a child to carry, because they make him feel rebellious against regulations, restraints and negligent about responsibilities. It may not accept limits, which greatly hampers their current and future personal development process. Child shocks and conflicts may occur with parents and educators.

The longer we use a nickname, the greater its influence in our life. That is why it is very important to analyze in depth the nicknames we give to and receive from others. It is essential to analyze the complete numerological map because, a nickname can be disharmonious, blocking our chances of success, being compatible and beneficial, leveraging our potentials and achievements.

Many people are only known by their nicknames, not by their real names. This greater identification with the nickname than with the name generates influences on the numerology of the person. Learn how to calculate your nickname’s vibration.


Some people have the nickname so remarkable powerful that we usually think that they do not even match their real name. The nickname in these people is so strong that they eventually determine traits of your personality.

Learn how to calculate the influence of the nickname on your personality.

Note: we remind our readers that when we speak of the nickname, we are dealing with the affectionate name with which we call people like we call Antony, Tom and William, Bill.




The calculation of the influence of the nickname is very simple; each letter has a corresponding number according to the Pythagorean table. See the number of each letter of your nickname, reduce each of them until a number from 1 to 9 appears. See the example below:


Bill = 2+9+3+3=19

10= 1+0= 1


 Numerology of Number One

It brings dynamism, creativity, and agitation to the personality of the person. It is a nickname of active, perfectionist, and determined people, but it tends toward authoritarianism, selfishness, and stubbornness.

Numerology of Number Two

A nickname of people who are good friends, loving, loyal. It also has characteristics of passivity and fragility, careful with this influence of the nickname, which can make you wait until the things you won’t fall from the sky.

Numerology Of Number Three

The number three produces a nickname that brings the energy of communication, joy, and creativity. Whoever has this nickname tends to be extroverted and high-spirited, you need to be careful about distorting values in situations that suit you.

Numerology of Number Four

This nickname brings energy to a serious, observant person, focused on work and stability. You have to be careful not to let this energy make you too limited, without the courage to achieve your goals.



Numerology of Number Five

This nickname has characteristics of freedom, curiosity, and charisma for the person. They are communicative, seductive and also quite jealous, can indicate frequent mood swings, full of ups and downs.

Numerology of Number Six  

The number 6 represents the nickname of people with great artistic sensitivity and very emotional. They are romantic, very dear and with a strong connection with music and culture. They tend to be stubborn and argumentative as well.

Numerology of Number Seven

The vibration of this nickname brings the characteristics of independent, introverted, overly analytical and observant people. It is the one who likes to acquire knowledge, to be intelligent, to be recognized for his intellectual abilities. They are safe from each other, but they may seem disguised and depressing.

Numerology of Number Eight

The vibration of his nickname brings a strong tendency toward material attachment and excessive pride. You need to be aware of this and be sensible, lest you become too practical, uncaring and materialistic. They are organized, frank and ambitious and pass the image of being snobbish.

Numerology of Number Nine

Number 9 brings the energy of optimism to your nickname. He is a person dear to everyone, very supportive and humane; however, who knows you deeply know his tendency to aggression. He likes to show solidarity and generosity, but he has a selfish plot in his heart.

Does the vibration of your nickname match your personality? So probably the energy of your full name is not much more influential in its characteristics.

When the vibrations are not in tune with the energies of the numerological map, it is possible to harmonize its vibration, balancing the letters that make up the nickname, for example, PAT so that Patrick can become PATT. Adding an extra “T,” which complements and balances with his original influences from his numerological map. It is a possibility of eliminating the conflict that was within him. It is important to note that any change must be carefully studied according to the energies of the complete numerological map



















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