The Numerology of the 11th Month

„In November, the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets.“ Cynthia Rylant

The eleventh month began and with it a series of Interesting curiosities, all of them very much related to the vibration of the number 11. If you were born on a day 11 (or day 29 that is also an 11) or in November itself, the month 11, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

People who have a connection with this number have a considerable spiritual resume, and no doubt are very strong empaths. Very intuitive, visionary, sensitive to the extreme, those under the influence of the 11 vibrations suffer very frequent energy attacks, they are also easy to contaminate themselves in negatively charged environments, and thus losing energy easily.

 November 11 is a Master Number

The 11 is a master number and confers a very close connection with the world of spirituality to its bearers. When they live the positive of the number, they are true pillars of light, of faith and feel very rewarded doing good to other people. They have an internal GPS that always directs them to the best route, the best choice, but unfortunately, not everyone hears that inner voice.

This November is guided by the number 4 (11/2018=20+11=31 or 4)


Number 4 Organization and practice

Symbol: the square.

Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Colors: yellow, orange and red.

Element earth

Metal: gold.

Stones: sapphire and topaz.

Perfume / aroma: green apple.

Professions: contractor, farmer, mechanic, designer, accountant, politician, factory worker or construction worker.



Keywords for this November:

Action, stability, firmness, security, and conservatism. The four is the symbol of the law of order. The manifestation of the rational side is represented by the square. It is the number of the earth and represents stability and fidelity. It symbolizes the four seasons of the year, the elements and the tips of the compass. This number is related to organized and directed work for masses, the concern with details, the energy to build and materialize. If on the one hand, it is limitation and hardness, on the other it symbolizes safety, stability, winning efforts. It is related to the material world, with practical sense, self-discipline. To build you need to use your strength and power. It develops a practical sense, self-discipline. The defense of traditions, and absolute conformity.

Affirmation for November:

I Can Build a Balanced World, when I am Aligned with my SOUL

A sense of relief will be accompanying everyone this month. The frequency of the 4 brings the feeling of taking the weight off the back of something that was pressing you, worrying you, getting you sleepy and leaving you stressed. It will be a month of “letting go” of what only puts you down, overcome, relax and enjoy the feeling of relief.

Well, the good news is that in November, the 11th month, we all benefit from this vibration and we have our channels more open, our sensitivity more accurate. The tip is always to listen to our soul, which manifests through our intuition. Be alert and strong!

Have a Sweet November!





































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