Mobile has become an urgent need nowadays and most of the people have mobile or smartphones.    Its no more just a phone it has become shopping device, a wallet, a business tool for many of us. We communicate, browse the internet, chat and read with the help of our phones.   Now we can handle most of our work with just a tap. It has become an essential device for us.

Numerology provides a very simple and scientific way to match the personalities of two individuals. The planning of a successful married life and children can be done by simple calculations.

Numerology is often used in Indian Cultures to predict the success of a marriage. No one has ever found the magic formula for true love and perhaps it will always remain a mystery, but Numerology absolutely can help you understand just exactly who you are getting involved with. Understanding that gives you a better idea of your compatibility and if this relationship has a chance.

The success and popularity of your business can have an effect just based on your alpha/numerical numbers of your name! Take Facebook and Twitter – both names have a “connection” theme based on the Pythagoras system of numerology. Together, they have invented a new “virtual” environment for people to converse to each other, the world of Social Media.

Top Baby Naming Advice Parents Want to Know

I see it happen often. Parents who are expecting lose sleep at night thinking about the right name for their baby. They consult baby books, look at lists on the computer, and check numerology frequently. Often, parents are torn between what their head and heart tell them, not knowing how to best name their baby.

Do you have a secret? Do you have a secret urge? You want to acquire superhuman powers? What do you really want? Often, we are confused. We want many things but do these wants and desires align with our purpose in life? Maybe it does, or it doesn’t. There is much to decipher and decode.