Lady Gaga revealed a shocking truth about Prince Charles. She has told her stuff and assistants that Prince Charles is not human and that he is a “hybrid that shapeshifts between human and reptilian form”.

Lady Gaga met Prince in London at the Royal Variety Performance on 7th December 2016. After that, Gaga was criticized in some tabloids for falling to see royal etiquette in the presence on the heir to the throne.

She has saw him shape shift and she think it is a warning to her to get bach on script and start playing by their rules. Now it was discovered that Lady Gaga avoided Charles after he changed shape during the brief introduction.

“Prince Charles was eight feet long and with yellow eyes, and scaly skin of an iguana.”

She claims that Prince shapeshifted two or three times after introducing himself to her. Gaga said his face flashed between human and reptile, and she could see his teeth glistening in the light.

Gaga concluded that it was a warning for her not to mess with the dominant reptilian-illuminati bloodline of which he is a high priest. 

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