How often do we see things without actually taking in what is occurring in front of our eyes. Or, on seeing, prefer to look away or ignore, or pretend it isn’t happening. We were standing at the check-out in the supermarket. We had just spent two hours at 2,300 m playing with cameras and flowers, and nature and the elevation had taken its toll… not to mention the inclination to forget to breathe at all the beauty. We were tired.

 “Help….I need somebody. Help….not just anybody. Help….you know I need someone. HELP!!” –The Beatles

Yes, we all loved that song and the movie as we watched Ringo run away from those who wanted to steal his precious ring! It seemed like such an innocent and fun-loving song the way The Beatles presented it. But, in reality, it was John Lennon’s genuine cry for help. He had become overwhelmed and didn’t know where to hide.

Human happiness is not a concrete concept; actually, quite the opposite. If the whole world knew exactly what would make them happy, everything would be much simpler. What is known, however, is that happiness and healthiness go hand in hand. This does not mean just physical health. Mental and emotional health are also vital. Here is a list of 5 things that make humans feel happy and healthy.

Years ago, my fabulous reason for having money was, “I should have lots of money because I will do good things with it. I will use it to help people.” Now, there is nothing wrong with that idea essentially, but what it meant was that with every bit of money that came into my life, I could not allow it to contribute to my own life. I wasn’t in the equation of people who I could help with it.

How Much Happier Over the Rainbow?

We all have dreams, which include thinking about what life will be like down the road. How much happier we will be when we get our degree, car, home or move to a new location. We continuously look over the rainbow, as it seems much more appealing than where we are, and what we have now.

As we all know, Moon affects our mood and emotions, but did you know that the Moon also influences our skin, hair and nails? Our bodies are mostly made of water, and as Moon governs the tides in oceans, he also governs our bodies. Moon has spiritual and emotional effect on us, helping us to release things and to manifest some other things. Moon also plays on a physical level and governs the cycles of cell repair and growth, especially of our skin, hair and nails.