The Tension of Money: Each of us has a different relationship with money. Some have plenty, others struggle, others find it hard to receive, have a hard time giving or live in fear there is not enough. Money, however, is just energy.

With the heat becoming unbearable, you might just want to survive on fluids. The best solution: drink lots and lots of water so that your system is well hydrated and you do not fall sick.

In this fast & crazy world we now live in it’s easy to get caught up in things that do not serve your purpose. The fact of the matter is; a lot of us are doing things that make us unhappy.

Political unrest seems very prevalent. The old adage about not speaking politics at polite gatherings seems to have gone out the window with our social media today. Regardless if you voted for Trump, think the current travel ban is protecting you from a terrorist attack, believe a wall between Mexico and the U.S. is a complete waste of money, or that Obama had a bigger turn out for his inauguration than Trump; one thing is certain, these are tumultuous times in the United States, and everyone has an opinion!

“Sitting silently beside a friend who is hurting may be the best gift we can give.” ~Unknown

There’s a time for words and a time for silence. Thankfully, when I went through one of the darkest periods of my life, I had friends who knew what time it was.

Life is pretty complicated, right? Well, it certainly is, to an extent, but we tend to over-complicate it ourselves. How so, you might ask. Before I jump to that, I’d first like to share with you a short yet revealing story that will shed much light on the issue, so please bare with me for a while.