It’s easy to become trapped in the notion that weight loss is purely a physical process. After all, we see our physical image in the mirror, and it reflects what the world sees. We become distracted by this illusion of ourselves, and forget we embody a spirit. Learn ways to see past the mirror’s reflection, and gain lasting weight loss and physical fitness.

Physical weight loss and fitness are bound closely with our thoughts and spiritual well-being

It is easy to think that people will not notice us if we add the extra pounds. That is not true. We are noticed. We garner the attention that we are trying to avoid, because of the deep seeded pain we are carrying in our core self.


Put simply, we are more than a physical body. Our logic may deem that losing weight is solely associated with the physical body. The physical body reflects the physical aspects of too much weight. It harbors painful joints, illness, or chronic sleep issues.


This is the physical manifestation of the issues that trouble us.

The first step to lose the weight is to acknowledge we are perfect the way we were created. The issue isn’t ours. It belongs to the abuser, and they wanted to give it to us. So, let it go.

Beyond the body, our minds think thoughts all the time. The mind doesn’t shut down unless we allow it to be quiet. To reach this “quiet” state, we can meditate, drink a glass of wine, or exercise. The question becomes, do the thoughts stop, slow down, become clear, or continue uninterrupted?


The second step is to gain understanding and control over our own thoughts. Our belief system is based on our thoughts and feelings. We are influenced by all the events that happen to us in the physical and spiritual realms. Our thoughts are energy. We are energy. Focus on becoming the energy beacon that reflects internal beliefs.


The spirit portion isn’t necessarily as clear-cut as the body or the mind. It is something less physically tangible. Part of it is the energy flow through the physical body, mind, and energy field surrounding the body. It is the soul essence. It is that part that is activated when following “your heart” or dreams.


The spiritual body holds onto the energy of the trauma or abuse. It reflects our physical being, emotional state, and thoughts. It carries our past life, unresolved issues. It is our connection to the Universal Life Force energies.


These three parts of ourselves are the key to successful weight loss and to attain greater fitness. If we believe we can lose weight, we will. Our self-talk directs our physical appearance and spiritual presence. Each is equally important to address when making life changes. Losing weight is a major life change. It takes courage, strength, and determination. It is one of the most important choices we can make, and it’s solely for ourselves.


by Karen Ulvestad






































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