Have you thought about cleaning the house not only to have a spotless and orderly environment but also with good energy? Learn more about how to cleanse your home with Feng Shui.

Use Feng Shui to Cleanse Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art widely used to help balance the energy flow of spaces, seeking a greater harmonization of environments. According to experts, this technique leaves the space with more positive and light energy. It is a resource for people who are relocating or opening a new office and want an area free of negative influences when occupying the place.

Fundamental to many people in various countries, the Feng Shui technique has some aspects of organizing and purifying environments. Learn how to clean and cleanse your home with these factors in mind.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient technique that has emerged in China and it teaches how to have a better balance of energy flow in an environment. The method considers that the adequate flow of energy is directly linked to prosperity and happiness.

It can be used from the beginning of the construction of a property, to know its correct positioning in the field, to the internal harmonization of the houses or commercial places.

In the organization of environments, this technique takes into account the best way to dispose of objects and furniture to contribute to the correct flow of energy. You can also use Feng Shui techniques when cleaning your home. The important thing is to let go of everything that prevents the increase of positive energy and allows the dissipation of negative energy.



Feng Shui Tips to Cleanse Your Home

Cleanse Your Home Tip #1 – Water Care

In Feng Shui, the bathroom has great importance for the energy balance, because it is the environment of the house where we wash our body to cut the impurities. It is also related to water, an element considered as a sign of prosperity for this millennial technique. For wealth and Wellbeing to have an adequate flow in the lives of the residents, the water of the home also needs to circulate.

Avoid letting the drains and outlets of water-clogged or discharged and damaged pipes, as this represents the difficulty of energy flow, and can cause irritability to the residents of the house. It is important to leave the doors of the bathrooms closed, especially when they are close to the dining and living rooms, kitchen or entrance doors. The toilet lid should also be kept lower.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #2 – Aquariums

Feng Shui aquariums and the positive energies for your home. Having an aquarium at your house is having an important element of the present Feng Shui: water. It is very different from the running water that comes out of the taps and the water shower present in the aquariums, pools, and fountains. The continuous water present in the environment helps to attract the energy of wealth and prosperity to the place.

They were already very fashionable in the houses, but the reasons for them never ceased to exist. So, and you will now know why. It is with no wonder that various clinics and practices set up aquariums at their receptions. Aquariums not only embellish the environment but bring energies of calm, placidness and harmony. The Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui says aquarium fish bring prosperity energies. In Chinese, the word “fish” and “abundance” speak of the same characters. So, in China, they are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.



Some Guidelines to observe

The quantity of fish: the ideal is to have from three onwards, always divisible by the number three.

Location: It is good to have an aquarium near the door, in the corner of the room, in the hallway. The energies flow positively through the flow of the universe. It should not be installed in the south part of the room, in the kitchen or bedroom. It is best not to put in the southeast of the living room.

The choice of fish: in the Far East the fish that attract happiness are Carp, Arowana, and Goldfish. To have an aquarium and practice the teachings of Feng Shui, you must remember that you need to like it, not only as an ornament but as an unparalleled opportunity to take care of a micro-environment filled with circulating energy and living things. Anyway, it is worth having an aquarium.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #3 – Keep everything running

For Feng Shui, when something is not used, it accumulates stagnant and stationary energy. Thus, get rid of broken or unused objects and make constant maintenance on the equipment and appliances. Repair buzzers and intercoms and replace burned out bulbs.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #4 – Organization

Arrange your belongings in the closets and donate the clothes you no longer use. Leave office paperwork in order and let go of books that will not be most useful. In the kitchen, do the same thing, keeping only the utensils that are useful. Thus, energy will flow more in an adequate way.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #5 – Ventilation

For Feng Shui, the habit of keeping doors and windows open for air circulation is essential. If an environment is closed, the energy stays too, causing imbalances in several areas of a person’s life. The ideal would be to open the doors and windows daily, for one hour in the morning and another in the afternoon. Also, avoid messing up environments with lots of furniture or decorating objects. Air must flow throughout the location so that negative energy leaves. This way Good energy replaces by bad ones.



Cleanse Your Home Tip #6 – Mirrors

Keep mirrors always clean. Otherwise, they can attract more energy. Also avoid hanging mirrors on opposing walls because, for Feng Shui, the duplicate image can attract instability into the lives of the residents.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #7 – Special cleaning products

One of the unique products that you can use to clean your home energetically and dissipate the negative energies is the liquid Blue Anil mixed in the water. Use it to clean the floor and door stops, the first week of each month.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #8 – Plants

For an adequate energy balance of your home, try to invest more in plants as decorative objects. Yet, they must always be well cared for, to attract good energies.

Cleanse Your Home Tip #9 – Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, know that this is not only a decorative element, or to keep the house warm during the winter. Also, when lighting a fireplace, you will be activating the element of fire. Fire is very important in Feng Shui because it purifies the energies and also represents prosperity.

If you do not have a fireplace built in your home, but want to perform this energy cleansing, you can opt for a portable model.






















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