Is your home prepared for autumn? Feng Shui is an ancient art to create balance, Prosperity and energy flow inside our houses. To create a harmonious environment would be idyllic to apply Feng Shui techniques all year round, and to adapt the needs of your space according to with the seasons of the year. See here some of our suggestions to help you to harmonize and fluidize the Chi energy for autumn’s arrival.

“In it’s highest and purest form, good feng shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” ~ Lada Ray

FENG SHUI IN AUTUMN – What should I do?

With the arrival of autumn, temperatures should become milder and crisp. The length of the lighted period becomes shorter and shorter. The long night and changes in nature call for a different harmonization than the one used by us in the summer. Here are some simple Feng Shui tips to apply in your environment during Fall Season.

1. Dedicate time for the care of your houseplants.

Plants that like sun and heat tend to get weaker and dry leaves more efficiently during the fall and winter. Therefore, double the attention dedicated to your little plants. Keeping plants at home is excellent for harmonization of energies, but dead or dried plants attract negative Chi, so take great care of your plants.

2. Keep apples on a fruit basket

Red apples symbolize the abundance of food in your home. So always leave some red apples in the fruit bowl of your house to attract the energy of plenty and ensure you can feed your family with plenitude this fall-winter.

3. Clean Spider webs and Dust Bunnies

In summer, because of the high temperatures, we tend to stay outdoors longer, refreshing ourselves and enjoying Nature. Now with the arrival of autumn and winter, we spend more time at home, indoors, so it is important to be aware of the presence of cobwebs and accumulated dust bunnies. In addition to having negative energy, dust contributes to acute allergic conditions, very common in autumn-winter.

4. Open the windows and let the air circulate

During Fall Season, the temperatures drop, and the wind becomes more present, we tend to leave the windows closed. But beware about leaving everything closed up, we disturb the correct circulation of chi energy in our environment. If the wind bothers you, leave the windows open from your room while you are out, so the air circulates and when you come back, you can close them and enjoy renewed Chi energy.



5. Remove Dead Leaves

Dried and dead leaves are the trademark of autumn. It is the time when the trees change the foliage, the leaves turn color and fall. Despite being a beautiful setting, the dried leaves are dead and represent a negative chi in your home. So, do not leave any dry leaves accumulating, remove them as soon as you can. Keep in mind the energy of positivity and abundance is vivid and lively.

6. Remove Branches Hanging Over or too Close From your Home.

Is there a tree in your yard, garden or on the doorstep of your home? Then this is suitable for harmonization but be careful if you have a tree that has her hanging branches up from your roof, especially if it is leaning against the tiles., Feng Shui says that these branches bring the feeling of heavy weight on the shoulders to the residents.

“Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing clutter can completely transform your entire existence.”~Karen Kingston

7. Change the Furniture

The word Fall spells change, so it is indicated that some change should be made in your house to receive the blessings of this new season. It is best to change the layout of the furniture at home, whether it is to move the couch a few inches away to the window or to open more space of movement between the furniture. The change is welcome at this season, especially if it made the circulation of energy in the house more fluid and aligned with equinox energies.







































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