Is your home prepared for autumn? Feng Shui is an ancient art to create balance, Prosperity and energy flow inside our houses. To create a harmonious environment would be idyllic to apply Feng Shui techniques all year round, and to adapt the needs of your space according to with the seasons of the year. See here some of our suggestions to help you to harmonize and fluidize the Chi energy for autumn’s arrival.

A frequent question asked of Feng Shui consultants is whether or not they are also psychic. Some people assume that a Feng Shui expert visits a property and immediately feels or senses what is wrong with the energy of the space. While a small percentage of the analysis may rely on intuition, the majority of the evaluation can be based on time-tested calculations and tangible observations.

The short answer to the question posed in this article title is Yes and No.  For a contradictory answer like this, I need to elaborate.  First of all, the general consumer needs a better understanding of exactly what Feng Shui is.  This ancient tradition is a body of knowledge, which has tracked how people and other living beings are affected by their man-made and natural environment. 

We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom. It’s a space to heal, rejuvenate and relax, improving our health and vitality. Our bed is energetically connected to each of us. Sleep is a yin condition — the bed shelters, comforts and enables us to truly rest so we will be rejuvenated and able to awake energized to fulfill our goals.

On a higher level of Feng Shui, which requires knowing when the house was built and it magnetic compass orientation, we can predict all kinds of non-obvious results from sleeping in a bedroom. Is there any way to have a better bedroom?

Much has been written about water in the scope of Feng Shui influences and yet the specific applications for water still elude the general public. This is because we have many theories in the Xuan Kong Flying Star School which need to be learned through actual training. Otherwise, someone might assume that a water feature, like a fountain or pond, is always a good asset to a property, which is actually not the case.