First of all, we must tell you, if your child is of the crystal vibration, or crystal child, we are talking about an extraordinary and creative being.

The positive energy that naturally emanates from this child easily transforms her into a unique person, of its kind who shapes thoughts, actions, and goals for the purpose of doing good.

Crystal Children purpose in life is to live in harmony with the environment in which they develop themselves and to somehow inspiring those around them to do the same.

This child does not make demands using tantrums. They only request what they need.

They do not scream, instead, they prefer to speak softly, slowly and clearly.

In general, they don’t belong to the gifted children category, their uniqueness can be related to a higher and even divine level.

If your child is a crystal child, you have received a blessing from the universe. You can be sure of that.

Characteristics of a Crystal Child

According to the connoisseurs of the theme, crystal children have a harmonious and transparent aura such as crystal (from which comes the name of crystal child) and are human beings who stand out due to purity and lack of ego.

To find out if a child is a child of crystal vibration, we have gathered some characteristics on which you can base yourself:

They are empaths:

One of the characteristics that define a crystal child and what differentiates it from the rest of the other children is empathy. The empathy of these children, it could be said, is far from normal.

She can understand the feeling of another person like no one else. They can transform into any mood absorbing from the people around her to feel in her own flesh what the other person feels.

There are people who describe this process in an esoteric way. As if the mind of the crystal child could enter the soul of another person to know their emotions in a deeper way.

They are usually Lonely

A crystal child is lonely even when he lives or is surrounded by people. He loves solitude and generally prefers spaces where he can avoid direct contact with other human beings.

They are Passive

In any context, it does everything to get away and avoid divergences, problems, and confrontations with others.



They are Discreet

She is a discreet child with few words. Educated in your own way, even if you have not stimulated many of the behaviors it presents.

She prefers to be quiet and keep a low profile before she runs the risk of being reckless.

They are Serene

They have this characteristic serenity that is peculiar and stands out. The child with crystal vibration is in harmony with his inner self and the environment that surrounds it. For this reason, she remains calm and in constant balance.

They are Intelligent

Owner of very creative ideas, generally out of the box ones, their concepts are concise but correct.

They don’t wander in their opinions. Their intelligence and reasoning can be said to outweigh those of other children of the same age.

They are Sensitive

The crystal child is sensitive to the extreme.  They are easily saddened to know about violence, lack of love, greed, cruelty, lies or envy. The negative feelings and actions of others impact them deeply.

They are Sweethearts

These children are in general very kind, with a pleasant disposition, sweet and with an affectionate character.

Other characteristics of a crystal child

They are environmentally conscious souls.

She is attracted to animals, water sources, and nature in general. She is interested in the environment and likes to know about the behavior of the elements of nature.

A crystal child was often diagnosed with diverse degrees of autism.

But, unlike what some people believe, the crystal-vibrating child does not live inside them, in their own world, as a child who has some autism spectrum disorder lives.

The neurons in your brain connect in the same way as those of other children.

A crystal child is only a special being who fills his life with happiness and, according to scholars of the subject, came to earth to establish peace and spiritual harmony among all. They are here to change the world, to enable us to achieve inner peace, and to enable the human species to live in balance with the environment around us.






































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