If your birthday is between January 21 and about February 20, your star-sign is Aquarius. What does it mean to be an Aquarius? Aquarius men and women genuinely treasure independence in all things. They are averse to all manner of limitations and restrictions, not out of a desire to be rebellious but simply to strike their path. They are well known for their warm compassion and humorous natures that appear almost in conflict with their tendency to avoid emotional investment and attachment.

Aquarius has a fixed quality, as they are truly set in their ways in their fight for freedom. As a water-bearer, you likely can attest that no one can force a compromise from you, especially if it involves any manner of restriction. You are one of the signs that lean more towards your intelligence than how you feel about situations. Still, you put it to good use often in humanitarian pursuits and solving problems that will help others. Like two sides of a coin, you have your moments where you are wildly energetic and engaging and others where your shy and thoughtful persona rules you. You are an enigma, and no one phrase can describe you to perfection, and that is the way you like it. Intellectual, elusive and compassionate; that is what it means to be an Aquarius.

Aquarius Traits And Behaviors

Aquarius men and women tend to be mentally focused individuals and don’t forge emotional connections as easily as other signs do. If there is a problem to be solved, a theory to be conceived, or thinking out of the box required, then Aquarius-born are the right people for the job. Their emotional distance is often misconstrued as them lacking the ability. An Aquarian’s ability to form close and lifelong bonds exists; it is simply guarded well from most.

The journey to the heart of a water-bearer is a long one, and they do not toss themselves into endless relationships and hope for the best. As an Aquarius, you enjoy your alone time and space to organize your thoughts, but you do not like being lonely. You prefer relaxed moments to chaotic ones, but endless routine and predictably only serve to bore you. It’s an Aquarius thing.

To your friends, you are a fantastic listener and can become absorbed in conversation very easily. You stand out as you tend to talk about things and ideas as opposed to people and more drama-related subjects. Your calm and mysterious nature draws people in, and they are almost immediately impressed by your innate charm and humor.

Helping people is something that is extremely important to you, and you simply cannot ignore the plight of others. You will, however, opt to brainstorm long-term solutions as opposed to quick and immediate fixes. You have your weaknesses, including a habit of fleeing from commitment and not understanding those who have deeper emotional needs than you possess. Your constant desire to engage with the new and interesting can leave many friends in the dust, feeling inadequate or forgotten. Finally, you may fall into the habit of viewing every reasonable request as a battleground and refuse to compromise or consider other views.



Aquarius Guidance And Needs

The best advice for an Aquarius is to stop running from emotional connections. Spending a lifetime elusively dodging even the slightest commitment will make things all the more difficult when you finally find your soul mate. You are endlessly compassionate, but that behavioral compassion may not feel as sweet when coming from someone who is as emotionally close and comforting as a dead fish.

Pick your battles; not everything is a fight worth digging in your heels for. Don’t forsake those friends of yours whose busy lives have shifted them to a category of boredom for you. There is far more to friendship than being exciting and fun all the time. Make your boundaries clear but not unreasonable, and you can avoid a great many conflicts within relationships.

The Leo man or woman is your karmic partner. Their raw and exciting passion for life excites you. The optimism matches yours, and together you will never allow the other to frown. Leo women and men are very likely to allow you the freedom and alone time you crave, as they are often busy being the stars of their own life’s show.

They have loyalty and devotion to loved ones that matches yours, along with a generous spirit that often doubles yours. Sagittarius and Gemini can also make fantastic partners for an Aquarius-born, but truly there are no limits as long as they make you happy.

Aquarius men and women are gifted with a uniqueness that makes every individual independent and special in their way. Your humanitarian nature drives you to help others and enlist in meaningful activism to make sure your voice is heard. You are not a follower and would rather standstill than step in the footprints of another.























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