Your sign lord Mars isexalted and is posited in your tenth house with Ketu.Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your third house with combust Mercury. Retrograde Jupiter and exalted Mars aspect your sign.You are uniquely tuned in to your thoughts and feelings right now. Enjoy this heightened sense of awareness. Direct your attention to a lover, a friend or relative in need. Watch and be particular about you give. What you offer now you will later receive. People treat you the way you treat them so offer them your best, more authentic self.

Give your thoughts and passions freely. Put off making major decisions for another week. Right now, immerse yourself in your thoughts and feelings. Dare to show your true self to others.Tackle things as they come before you. Don't leave matters unresolved. Others are ready to listen to your advice as long as you word it diplomatically. Home offers a reprieve from stress right now. Love means making the other happy, even from a distance.A good sense of humor and intelligent advice is bound to win over your mate.


Your sign lord Venus is posited in your third housewith Rahu. Your fifth lord Mercury is in your second house with Sun on Monday morning but by the evening it will join Rahu and Venus in third house. Retrograde Saturn aspects your fifth house.Someone in your life has peaked your interest and you are ready for a second look. Let your curiosity lead you to a new relationship, even a passionate one. Enjoy the sensations and fun of a new romance. The world may feel fully transformed! With a lot on your plate, multitasking may be inevitable but take care not to take on more than you can handle. Don't let your plans overwhelm your thoughts and interests. Take things one at a time and see them through to fruition. Your own sense of confidence will make many things possible, including some amorous adventures!Remaining focus is critical conditions. You are feeling energetic but it is vital that you point all that energy in a productive direction. Avoid fiery debates and needless distractions. You may be feeling protective of a loved one. Speak up with caution and stay mindful.


Your sign lord Mercury is placed in your own house with Sun but on Monday evening it will move ahead to second house.Your fifth lord Venus is present in your second house with Rahu. Retrograde Jupiter is posited in your fifth house. Saturn and Jupiter aspect your sign. Money matters are on your mind now, taking priority over love and romance. Your romantic ideas will drive your partner's mood beyond your expectations. Communication now can lead to positive relationship growth and can assist you in overcoming needless worry. Maintaining a low profile on your expectations would be most preferable idea to lead the game. Be patient with those who offer unsolicited advice. Even if it is unhelpful, it comes from a good place. Those around you want to see you happy and well. Your love mate is especially attentive right now and ready to lend a hand. Turn the volume down on draining thoughts and emotions and you will feel much better. Don't write off romantic expectations. Work to maintain a spark even if things have become routine. Sensual and intimacy will help with more meaningful connection. Romance sometimes requires you to put in some work.




Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from yourfifth house to your seventhhouse to join with exalted Mars and Ketu. Rahu is posited in your sign. Mars is your fifth lord, which is posited in your seventh house with Ketu. Moon is debilitated in the beginning of the week.Connect with your inner self now. Deeply buried thoughts may suddenly rise to the surface. The week demands soul searching. Insights made help you feel more secure. You are more concerned about your downtime as you feel the weight of errands and projects that require completion. At this moment you are preoccupied with answering "Who are you?" You hold power of attraction power and are full of romantic energy. Work to be sincere and initiate in honest relationships. Don't obsess with being right or in control. This time demands action and involvement.A surprise from your love mate may be headed your way. Your relationship is feeling harmonious and rewarding. You are full of high spirits and ready to take on the world. The paths you chart today will lead to pleasant and productive opportunities.


Your sign lord Sun is posited in your eleventh house.Jupiter is your fifth lord and is retrograde and placed in your third house. Retrograde Saturn is posited in your fifth house. Mars aspects your sign. Love and romance take a backseat now. Take this time to solve a problem that has been weighing on you. Reflect inwardly on private matters. Seek an answer for some action is now required of you. Look beneath the surface but avoid obsessing over the past. Keep your focus on things you can control and let go of the rest. Don't put yourself or your ideal on a pedestal. Be realistic in your expectations for people, including yourself. Take this opportunity to better yourself and know that calmer moments wait ahead.Some solitude would not be a bad thing right now. Listen to your heart now. Love comes in many forms, not just between individuals. Express what's in your heart and the results will be astounding. Clear expectations in your relationship will make life easier for you and your partner.


Your sign lord Mercury is posited in your tenth house with Sun.Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in fourth house as retrograde. Saturn aspects your sign by tenth aspect. Ketu and exalted Mars are present in your fifth house. A new relationship has added some spice to your life but you may still be up in the air as to whether you're enjoying that. It may take some more time to reach a decision on that one. New opportunities are coming your way now. This may cause some feelings of upheaval but words of advice from a trusted source will help you weather the storm. Be ready for some push and pull in affairs of the heart. Effective communication may be required to get you on the same page. Your approach and your attitude make all the difference! Express what's in your heart and your love will blossom.Like-minded people are ready to connect with you. Charity and seeing to the well-being of others engrossed you now. Show your appreciation for friends and for your partner. If a disagreement arises, remember to keep an open mind and open heart.




Your sign Lord Venus is posited in your tenth house along with Rahu. Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in third house and aspects your fifth house. Retrograde Jupiter is transiting from your own house. You want to feel more in control and this desire will spark those responses in others. Romance may need to take a backseat as you focus on your career and professional goals. Be careful with your words and how you present yourself to others. Consider possible public reaction to your ideas. Now's the time to make the most of your public persona. If asked for advice, make sure you choose your words with care as not everyone is ready for the honest truth. There are always people out there ready to judge you harshly. Don't give them any ammunition.Status and social standing are also a concern for you this week. Work takes precedence over your love life. Still make sure to save some time for your significant other. A small show of affection would be much appreciated. Remember to do be an attentive listener. You will enjoy a good sense of connection with your lovemate.


Your sign lord Mars is exalted and present in your third house with Ketu. Your fifth lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in your twelfth house. You are ready to bring out of the monotony of the daily grind. You hunger now for intellectual fulfillment, new and engaging ideas to dwell on. You may need to pull someone back into your life who you havenot spoken to in awhile in order to fulfill these desires. A long lasting and constructive relationship seems to be in the making as you are now able to see the big picture and harmoniously blend all spheres of your life. Go for what you want more in life now as a many opportunities await you. Also, this week focus on your inner self. It may be time to let go of beliefs that are hindering rather than helping you. Let others cling to whatever faith gives them solace, even if you see through their faulty rhetoric. Stand your ground in arguments today, including with your loved one, but be respectful too. You should also bring out your creative side in a better way.


Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your house of profit and is retrograde. Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your second house as exalted with Ketu. Saturn is retrograde and posited in your sign, it means it is the peak of sade-sati. You are feeling soft hearted to the needs of those around you during this week. Your perceptiveness allows you to pick up on subtle signs that others may miss. Exciting new ventures -- formal or romantic -- are in the beginning phase now. Make time with some meaningful one on one conversations with someone special. Share ideas and values with others, most especially with someone new in your life. Talking about what matters most to each of you will go a long way towards furthering your budding relationship. You may feel anxious right now as you contemplate a conversation with family. Be open and honest with them. Keep your cool and things will go soothly. Deal with small tasks and nit-picky matters today so they don't overwhelm you later. Your to-do list is manageable if you work on it with your partner.




Ketu and exalted Mars are placed in your sign. Your fifth lord Venus is present in yourseventh house with Rahu. Your sign lord, Saturn, is placed in your house of expenditure as retrograde.Your first phase of sade-sati has begun.You are brilliantly decisive this week in all areas of your life. Whether you are contemplating matters of professional or personal importance, you are able to fully see the impact of your choices. The effect of your decision on the people in your life matters acutely to you. If you are feeling weighed down by trying to reach the right choice, reach out. Someone close and trustworthy is ready and willing to listen. A heartfelt conversation would be comforting right now. Communicating your innermost thoughts and worries would lighten the load. To move forward you need to be ready to truly let go of the past.You require emotional reciprocity from those in your life right now. You have a strong desire to be loved, cared for and protected by your partner. Your charm attracts notice. Offer assistance to those who need it, especially at work today.


Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in the house of profit. Your fifth lord, Mercury is placed in your sixth housefrom Monday evening onward. Jupiter and Saturn aspect your own house as well as your fifth house. This current period calls for things to be well aligned in your life. This range from the minutest details such as paying bills to larger scale projects that need to be seen through to completion. While this might not be the ideal time for romance, it is the perfect moment for personal well being and attention to health. Make appointments for check ups. Get some needed rest. Things are falling into place for some important amorous encounter just down the road. Don't overtax yourself. Treat yourself well and be ready for excitement ahead.It’s a great week to try out something new, even something strange. You are surrounded by supportive friends and colleagues and able to accomplish all you set out to do. You and your partner are excited to form some new plans together. Politely decline unsolicited advice. You are doing just fine.


Your sign lord Jupiter is present in eighth house and is retrograde. Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your ninth house to your eleventhhouse.Mars and Ketu aspect your fifth house. Rahu and Venus are posited in your fifth house. An aura of confidence surrounds you this week. You are suddenly the center of attention. If someone special has not noticed you yet you can expect them to now. The ball is in your court so make a bold move. Your sense of humor and imagination make true passion possible. Unless you risk, you won't gain. If you are prepared for a commitment, stand for it. Take a risk and give all what you have. Let your confidence inspire another person to reach you and touch your soul. The world is your palace and you be the ruler to enjoy every fantasy of it.Your love life is soothing and affectionate right now. Enjoy some leisure time together. Help someone out today and you'll make a new friend. A good intimate session with your partner can really help ease the mental worries or stress.




































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