It will be an interesting time with all the planetary retrogrades according to the Astrology Forecast July 2018. According to the Astrology Forecast July 2018, in the month’s first eight days, the Cancer Sun travels in a wide water grand trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are bridging the deepest and highest parts of our being, which sometimes lets out psycho-beasts, delusion, and lies.


Your sign lord Mars isexalted and is posited in your tenth house with Ketu.Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your third house with combust Mercury. Retrograde Jupiter and exalted Mars aspect your sign.You are uniquely tuned in to your thoughts and feelings right now. Enjoy this heightened sense of awareness. Direct your attention to a lover, a friend or relative in need. Watch and be particular about you give. What you offer now you will later receive. People treat you the way you treat them so offer them your best, more authentic self.

2018 Capricorn Full Moon – June 27/28, 2018

9:52 PM PDT / 12:52 AM EDT / 4:52 AM GMT / 5:52 AM BST

6 Cancer 28 / 6 Capricorn 28

What’s coming is weightier than Santa’s Naughty & Nice list. The consequences are more lasting than ripping through a pile of presents, too. As for whether they’ll please you, well…that depends on how you’ve been living.

Weird as the weather has been this year, June leaves no doubt about the season. We’re ramping into an indulgent, kick-back-and-throw-off-cares mode that feels like summer….even in the Southern Hempishere.

The full moon on Thursday March 1, 2018 is at 11 degrees Virgo. The full moon March 2018 astrology chart shows an opposition to Neptune. This means confusion and deception in relationships because of negative emotions, behaviors and habits. A challenging fixed star conjunction increases the likelihood of problems because of lying, selfishness, immorality and meanness.

There are two full moon in your March Horoscope which means the second one is called a blue moon. I had a quick look at the chart for ths March 31 blue moon and look forward to writing about it soon. There are two very interesting fixed stars around 10° Libra. As well as two full moon there are two planets stationing retrograde in the March 2018 monthly horoscope.