The Astrology Forecast May 2019 is brought to you by the planet Uranus – the cosmic quick change agent and awakener, who throws lightning bolts, monkey wrenches and plot twists, who breaks locks and prison walls, who argues for alternate viewpoints (and sometimes unleashes them), without warning.

For the question will I get married in 2019, here is the answer. Marriage is the most important aspect of a person’s life. Marriage brings a new life partner into your life who will journey with you for the rest of your life and share your joys, sorrows, successes and failures.

As per Chinese astrology 2019, the year of the earth pig dawns in 2019 following the year of dog. On 5 February 2019, the year of pig will be born. The pig animal sign (boar) will rule the year from 5th February 2019 to 24 January 2020. For this year, the zodiac element is earth.

Saturn is a planet of justice. It punishes the bad deeds and rewards the good ones. Saturn can bring difficulties, bad luck and difficult times at some points of time. Saturn transits can affect people with mental stress, setbacks in health, and misfortune. Saturn teaches people that hard work and spiritual life are essential in life. People are very eager to know the Saturn transit results in their lives.

Jupiter retrograde 2019 begins on April 10 at 24° Sagittarius and ends on August 11 at 14° Sagittarius. Jupiter retrograde is a time of philosophical and spiritual introspection and reflection, involving growth, happiness and success.

The Astrology Forecast April 2019 promises that April will be the pivotal month of the year – and one of the most in our lifetimes. The Astrology Forecast April 2019 shows that April will treat us to another blast of fog and then BLAMMO!  We get clarity, unmasking, focus, action and deeper than deep purging, change, restructuring and, brace for it, destruction.