Feel the difference in the air? The world has shifted, and so have we. The 2019 Virgo Full Moon measures how we have grown and solidified our new-found state of being.

The New Moon on Monday, February 4, 2019, at 15° Aquarius is very fortunate. The New February 2019 astrology is the best of any moon phase for over a year. Sun, Moon and Mercury sextile Jupiter bring good luck, good news, optimism, generosity, and happiness

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it also stands to be one of the most hopping. We’re still figuring and sorting out January’s gear shifts, epiphanies and breakthroughs – not to mention the chaos and revolution of the past few years — but that’s not hindering action. February is serving up round after round of moving … on, through, forward, ahead, along.

There will be three 2019 Mercury Retrogrades. New year, new round of Mercury retrogrades. Good news, though: this year’s won’t be as gonzo and whiplash-inducing as what 2018 brought. If you’re familiar with the term, “Mercury retrograde,” odds are you don’t have good feelings about it. “Oh, no, not again!” is the usual reaction to learning that one is coming up.

If your birthday is between January 21 and about February 20, your star-sign is Aquarius. What does it mean to be an Aquarius? Aquarius men and women genuinely treasure independence in all things. They are averse to all manner of limitations and restrictions, not out of a desire to be rebellious but simply to strike their path. They are well known for their warm compassion and humorous natures that appear almost in conflict with their tendency to avoid emotional investment and attachment.

The Full Moon on Monday January 21, 2019 in the first degree of Leo is a total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse January 2019 astrology is most affected by Uranus. A challenging square aspect to this planet of uncertainty and rebellion brings change but also opportunity. Unexpected events and news are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Life may seem more hectic and fast paced than before.